Welcome to Piano Studio with Cynthia Marie!  A new All-in-One Piano Primer for creative kids & teachers.  Watch the video below for a peek inside: 


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Musical Go-Fish: Learn Treble Clef notes CDEFG. Kids love this game! I created these special 3-note cards for my students .. hope you enjoy them too!

Deck of 32 cards, 2 Levels: Blue: CDE Purple: CDEFG

GOAL: Students learn to recognize different starting notes, patterns of skipping and stepping up and down, and master CDEFG, all while having fun playing a game!

FREE SHIPPING of Cards when ordered with BOOK! :o)

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“As a musician, and music teacher myself, I was immediately excited to see the quick growth my son experienced in his piano playing.  He loved to practice out of the book and was excited to share his newly learned concepts to me and the rest of my family.  I am confident to say that this is the best beginning piano technique and theory book I have seen.  This is the way for him to learn all of the important information quickly and in a very fun way that he is excited about.  A wonderful book by a wonderful teacher!  Thank you Cynthia Marie! “ - Jeff Reed, M.M., professional musician/teacher.

“Piano Studio with Cynthia Marie” is a perfect start for students wanting to learn piano.  By the end of the book, students are able to memorize classic songs, feel more connected to what they are learning, and feel confident in their skills.  Piano Studio opens up a new world of learning with beautiful pictures and is a great start to solfege singing.  Cynthia’s love for teaching comes out loud and clear through the pages.”  - Jenny Roudebush, B.A., vocal/piano teacher. 


Why I made this book:

I have been teaching for over 15 years, and always wanted a piano primer my students and I truly enjoyed. One that was packed full of real songs and allowed students to truly hear their music. I also wanted one that taught note-reading in a simple and intuitive way.    

Music should be fun right from the start!  I teach solfege and songs by rote in the beginning to give students fun songs to play, and a head start on listening to their music creations. Once they have a feeling for the shape and sound of music, they can easily transition into note-reading and play keys confidently and musically. I want to give piano teachers a simple all-in-one book where students can play songs, write notes, and engage in creative activities together. I hope you enjoy this new piano primer! - Cynthia

What students will learn:

  • To play confidently from memory a repertoire of songs

  • How to improvise and make their own music

  • To sing and find notes using basic solfege (do-re-mi) and lyrics, and truly hear each musical phrase they are playing

  • Basic rhythms, finger numbers, and note names from Low G to High D

  • Basic dynamics and articulations

  • Simple bass clef harmonies compliment right hand melodies

  • By the end of the book, they will be ready for any Level 1 series

  • Students feel more connected to their music and continue forth with their ears turned on and their voices singing.



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