Welcome to Piano Studio with Cynthia Marie!  Beginning piano book for creative kids and teachers.  29 fun songs to sing & play.  Learn more: 

“… a perfect start for students … by the end of the book, students are able to memorize classic songs, feel more connected to what they are learning, and feel confident in their skills.”  


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Musical Go-Fish: Learn Treble Clef notes CDEFG. Kids love this game! I created these special 3-note cards for my students .. hope you enjoy them too!

Deck of 32 cards, 2 Levels: Blue: CDE Purple: CDEFG

GOAL: Students learn to recognize different starting notes, patterns of skipping and stepping up and down, and master CDEFG, all while having fun playing a game!

FREE SHIPPING of Cards when ordered with BOOK! :o)

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