I wrote this song in the garden across from my house, each morning I'd go there and a little bit more of the song would come to me.

from "Openings", released 17 June 2010
Brookman's Road

ukulele/voice, Cynthia Marie
guitar, Cameron Peace
bass, Birch Pereira
drums, David Bush
sound sample, "Kona Cloud Forest"
courtesy of Doug Haire

engineer: Matt Doctor, Bearcreek Studios

mixing: Robb Davidson
Nels Music, Seattle, WA

mastering: Huntley Miller
HM Mastering, Minneapolis, MN

Songs by Cynthia Marie Dillard 2010


Brookman’s Road

Oh love of my mine
remember the light
the light that shone over Brookman’s Road

the moon was ripe and the birds sang lightly
we could see for miles
a field of starry gold shone in our eyes

and the light grew
between you and me

well darkness came
as natural as day
and soon our love
became a memory

when that shadow fell
our love fell
belly to the ground

oh lord
why’d you make a love so sweet
so short

the light that was shown
will surely show no more

well darlin’
do you think about that rose
that rose that grew
over Brookman’s Road

its petals bled
the feelings of a heartache left unsaid
and the thorns
the wisdom of a flower who was born
of a love that was known

over Brookman’s Road.