From the recording "Openings"

from "Openings", released 17 June 2010
A Few Important Words:

piano/voice, Cynthia Marie
guitar, Cameron Peace
bass, Birch Pereira
drums, David Bush

engineer: Walter Maenhout, Sheltered Sound Studios

mixing/overdubs: Robb Davidson
Nels Music, Seattle, WA

mastering: Huntley Miller
HM Mastering, Minneapolis, MN

Songs by Cynthia Marie Dillard 2010


one year ago I sent a few important words out into the world
last night they came fluttering back
grown and urgently pressing themselves against my ears
I listened to every whisper
this time I understood more so than when I first spoke
they were clear and gracious and swift
a light that shone to lead to a land almost found

from the ground I pulled myself up like a root
I planted my feet into that earth who spoke those few important words.