1. Old Soul

From the recording "Openings"

from "Openings", released 17 June 2010
Old Soul:

piano/voice, Cynthia Marie
guitar, Cameron Peace
bass, Birch Pereira
drums, David Bush

engineer: Walter Maenhout, Sheltered Sound Studios

mixing/overdubs: Robb Davidson
Nels Music, Seattle, WA

mastering: Huntley Miller
HM Mastering, Minneapolis, MN

Songs by Cynthia Marie Dillard 2010


When you’ve got an old soul
everywhere you go
you’ve got to carry
the roads you’ve walked on

Even for the strong
this pulls too hard
One heart can only take so much

If you could rest your arms
just for a short while
You could feel the beauty that you seek

Sometimes it’s hard to keep on moving forward
harder with each step

Then you look at your roads
and again as his roads
and you see what they were really made from

The same strength of
all of those who tried
who tried first
then found their strength inside