1. Free Again

From the recording "Openings"

from "Openings", released 17 June 2010
Free Again:

guitar/voice, Cynthia Marie
guitar, Cameron Peace
bass, Birch Pereira
drums/vibes, David Bush

engineer: Matt Doctor, Bearcreek Studios

mixing: Robb Davidson
Nels Music, Seattle, WA

mastering: Huntley Miller
HM Mastering, Minneapolis, MN

Songs by Cynthia Marie Dillard 2010


Free Again

well it’s been a long time since we’ve said hello

hello again, my old friend

where have you been?

lost in the valley, but not the one we once knew

you’re bearing a new name, we could not see through

I couldn’t see you, oh

but thankfully we’ve got this new day

a way to be free again

free again, my old friend

how have you been?

no one should have to go alone without love

it’s a night we wouldn’t see the end of

lucky, we are always in love

and thankfully we are growing, we are learning how to be