Orphan Moonlight 

I had just finished reading "A Thousand Chestnut Trees" by Mira Stout - a beautiful novel that reaches into Korean history and tells it in a very human, emotional way.  And I had heard stories about the war via my mom, as my grandmother lived through the Korean war. 

I think the echoes of what I was reading and perhaps my own heritage decided to come out of my guitar one day eventually leading to Orphan Moonlight and the rest of the EP.  I don't think it represents the reality of war by any means.  War is cruel, and nothing can replace a family destroyed or separated.  It is just a small gesture of hope that lies somewhere in deep sadness.  And a prayer for anywhere there is war.  

Estimates were that over 100,000 homeless and parentless children were left in the war's wake. During 1954 the orphanage population was still growing by over one thousand children a month as children came in off the streets)  www.koreanchildren.org

To read more about the Korean war & peace building efforts, please check out: 

many articles on Asian Pacific Journal:  http://apjjf.org/-Charles-K.-Armstrong/3460/article.html

The impact of the war on people:  http://www.calvin.edu/news/2001-02/korea.htm?dotcmsredir=1 

Let's find new ways to actively build peace, connect with each other, and create more just societies through non-violent means.     

Peace-In-Action.  I have a question:  What other programs (Culture, Music, Family, Food, Nature, Sports, Arts) can we regularly engage in to actively create peace and positive exchange?  

Please write your representatives today to encourage them to support diplomacy and find new ways to connect with people for lasting peace.  

Invest in peacebuilding:  https://www.umcjustice.org/what-you-can-do/advocacy/take-action/invest-in-peacebuilding-not-war