April 2015 - Winter to Spring!

It was a long winter .. but I love sparkling snow and the anticipation of seasons changing, so mostly I was just extra ramped up for spring this year.  By March, however, I did have a day of waving my fist at the cold, stubborn sky.  

The first break-through was slush melting and unleashing Jason Masi's full band at Tally Ho Theater.  I had been in rehearsal with Jahnel Daliya and Jason for weeks leading up to this; after a snow-storm re-schedule, it felt great to finally sing, dance, and have a blast with a rockin' cast of musicians.  One of my favorite times on stage to date.

Back in January, I enjoyed playing music surrounded by giant leaves - a recent exhibit at the Athenaeum Art Gallery in Alexandria, VA.  Louisa Hall and Laura Schwartz joined me.  I started recording at The Brink in February, with Mike Reina, and am working on a new album of songs due out sometime in 2016.  Meanwhile, I stay writing; this process has been really fun so far.

By the end of March, I was driving to my recording session with my windows down.  I put my sunglasses on, and haven't taken them off.  I met family and friends for bike rides, nature walks, and fun under the sun.  I heard lots of great live music by Chris Compton, Jahnel Daliya, Dan Barry, Flo Anito, the gang at Brittanys' open mic, Sauf Haus, Jill Warren, Mary El, and at Elena Lacayo's house concert ..  

I wish you the best of spring-summers and lots of energy for projects, love for your life, and much happiness to come.          

- Cynthia 

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